Basic email (POP)

POP3 is the initial method that was originally used for email. It allows for the use of your own domain and users on it ( but doesn’t allow functionality. NO shared calendars, NO group contacts and NO synchronised.

POP3 email is stored on your PC so access to any data would need to be purely at that PC (and backed up as such).

No shared tasks: does not allow shared ‘to do’ lists to be created or assigned.
No wireless access: unable to access email from handhelds like Treo or Windows Mobile devices.
No centrally stored information: inability to access saved information from a central location.
No shared contacts: address books and contact information cannot be shared company-wide.
No shared calendars: employees are unable to see colleagues availability to schedule or rearrange meetings.
Email: it gives you an email address with your own domain name (

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